About me


  • M.A. in Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2018 (expected)

  • B.A. in Geography (with Distinction), University of California, Berkeley, 2016
    • Awards: Dean’s Honors 2012 and Spring 2015, Berkeley Undergraduate Scholarship 2014-2015
    • Honors Thesis: Bay Area Bike Share: A Geospatial Investigation
  • University of Queensland, Australia, Fall 2014
    • Semester abroad through U.C.E.A.P., Course Work: GIS for Planning, which culminated in a Land Use Allocation project


  • Python- Pandas, Rasterio, scikit-learn, matplotlib, GeoPandas, PySAL
  • R- Tidyr, ggplot2, RStan
  • SQL
  • Github
  • ArcGIS, QGIS, Envi, Carto

Professional Experience

  • Summer 2017: Graduate Research Assistant, Earth Lab at University of Colorado, Boulder
    • Earth Lab at University of Colorado, Boulder
    • Aided with software development of open-source modeling framework for geo-spatial big data
    • Wrote code in Python to facilitate parallelized, multi-scale, spatially varying analysis
    • Developed example Jupyter notebook of package functionality
    • Supervisor: Professor Carson Farmer
  • Fall 2016, Spring 2017: Teaching Assistant
    • Statistics for Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder
    • Teaches two 2 hour weekly labs that cover programming and statistical concepts in Rstudio
    • Help students engage with material, grade and assist with lecture/ lab content creation
    • Supervisor: Professor Carson Farmer, Professor Lora Koeing
  • Spring 2016: Undergraduate Researcher
    • Kelly Research & Outreach Lab, Berkeley, CA
    • Data collection and classification for Sustainability and Safety in Pacific West National Parks Project
    • Yosemite National Park trail classification and creation of prison geodatabase using ArcGIS
  • 2015- 2016: Sponsorship Chair
    • U.C. Berkeley Triathlon Team
    • Develop and maintain relationships with major companies for team deals for 120+ member team
  • 2014 - 2015: Writer
    • Daily Californian
    • Created 2 articles weekly for Eating Berkeley and Campus Life of the Daily Clog (blog) section
  • Fall 2014: Student Assistant
    • Gathered various video clips to illustrate concepts for graduate ischool course “Research Design and Applications for Data and Analysis”
  • Summer 2013-2014: Beach Lifeguard
    • Performed under pressure while providing primary safety supervision
    • Educated hundreds of beach patrons daily while enforcing various city codes pertinent to the beach


  • Fall 2017: Reviewer
    • Transportation Research Review Board
    • Peer Reviewed 2 papers within the Bicycle Transportation subgroup
  • Spring 2016: Volunteer Essay Evaluator
    • U.C.E.A.P and Cal Alumni Association
    • Evaluated and score 20 student essays for scholarships
  • 2012 - Fall 2014: Volunteer Writing Tutor
    • Writer Coach Connection, Berkeley, CA
    • Engaged middle school students in a one-on-one setting to strengthen their writing skills


  • 2012 - 2016 Triathlete, U.C. Berkeley Triathlon Team
    • 16+ hours a week of practice